Please take our Songwriter MLC Awareness Survey

Please take a few minutes (4 or so) to help us understand how the Mechanical Licensing Collective and the Copyright Office is doing getting the word out about signing up with the MLC and getting paid royalties (including your share of the $424 million black box/unmatched payment that has been sitting at MLC for months).

Your response are anonymous and we’ll post the results when we get a threshold number of responses. We’d really appreciate your help!

To take the survey on Survey Monkey, click here.

One thought on “Please take our Songwriter MLC Awareness Survey

  1. The MLC fed members nothing but lies.I am one of them now they say is going to take 3-5 years to receive matched Royalties.When in the beginning it was all hype 1 year and counting.Misleading one to believe they paid out Millions and matched WHAT?Who are the ones really getting paid?Not me that’s for sure!


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